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We’re all postal here!

January 30, 2013

What a difference a day makes.

I have tried to offer people the best options and choices I could find regarding shipping.  UPS was offering a small business shipping special with rates 16% off, I signed us up and offered UPS as a shipping option last night.  This morning after packing and printing the shipping labels, I called for a pickup.  No problem I thought, everything was running smoothly until I went to add a few more packages to the pile for the driver.  Seems from the time I talked to the pickup man on the phone to printing a ship label for the next order, my business discount disappeared and no one at UPS could figure out how to find my “negotiated rate” and apply it to the shopping cart.  After receiving 2 emails with complains on our shipping prices overnight, put on hold and transferred all over the global it sounded like, and realizing I was being charged way more than I or any of you happy MoSoap customers wanted to be charged….I have decided to go only United States Postal Service.    I won’t close my UPS account out as I want the packages I shipped yesterday to make it there and at the price I paid but after that unless you MUST have UPS, I will only be shipping by the postal service;  parcel, regional rate, flat rate or Priority Mail.

I think it time to go have a cupcake and redo all the packing slips.  So if you see a shipping notice come through that I canceled your shipment today, there will be a new one coming through.  I have to repackage all of the orders, print new labels and eat another cupcake! : )

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  1. Rhelda permalink
    March 11, 2013 5:49 pm

    Hi Debra, Just received my order. Speedy delivery and excellent quality products! Thank you for the extra surprise goodies. Your samples are as big or bigger than most full size bars of other brands. I’ll definitely be ordering again :))
    Peace, Rhelda

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